got my hurrrrr did.

got my hurrrrr did.


On June 22nd my best friend of 15 years, Amber, was in a VERY SERIOUS car wreck in Portland Oregon.  She could use our help.

While she is stable condition, she has been in the ICU and kept under sedation and in a coma for a week.  She is breathing from a ventilator and is under constant care, due to some breathing difficulties.  

Amber has always been a true champion for so many good causes. For instance she has been responsible for signing thousands of people up to vote. She is always helping people and pushing them to do more. She is inspiring and strong and such an amazing giver to the community. Now we have to the chance to help her.

She is a beautiful soul who has touched the lives of so many.  A personal story that I have:  Over the winter I ended up being stuck on the East Coast during the big snow storm for over a week longer than I had planned.  I was worried about being able to get back to clean my place before I had to go back to school, I was actually feeling a little bit sick about how much I needed to do.  When I got home to see my place… it was completely clean!  All the dishes, the vacuuming, everything was done.  Plus there was some Kahlua Pork in my fridge, I was baffled until I read a note from Amber wishing me a Merry Christmas.  She had used the spare key I gave her to sneak in and clean, all without telling me so it could be a surprise.  It was perhaps one of the nicest, most charitable things anyone has ever done for me.

Insurance does not cover all the costs of an emergency visit and it can quickly reach in the tens of thousands of dollars. She has currently been alseep and in the ICU for over a week. Please pitch in to help pay for Amber’s medical bills and related costs. Even if you can only give $5 it will add up quickly. We love you Amber and we are gonna help you get through this!

This is her Go Fund Me Campaign.—  It is meant to take the financial burden off of her when she wakes, some friends have already donated this, but I think her story deserves to be seen by more people, by people like you.

If you can’t donate, I totally understand, but I could use all of the shares.  Show this campaign to all of your real life and internet friends.  She is a real person, in real pain, having a hard time right now, and she could use our help.

Thank you so much for your shares and loving contributions to this campaign.  

my boys. <3

my boys. <3

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Simmer parents?









Just curious about how many other simmers out there are parents? How many children do you have, and (roughly) how old are they (by sim lifestage, if you want)?

Mini-meetme is going to be 5 months old in a couple of days, so she’s still well within the baby lifestage.

3- oldest is 6, middle is 4, and youngest is 1. Girl, boy, boy.

Not a parent yet but the husband and I are working on it!  I’m old enough to  have teenagers though!

I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. So Toddler and Child-ish. Still planning on having 2 more little ones :)

I have an 8-year-old who is now a budding Simmer herself :)

I have a four year old son.

I have an almost 9 year old son

I have a little boy. He will be 3 in July. 

I have a 6 month old boy… He’s my first and I will be 31 this year.

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Its really strange (and uncomfortable) that I follow three simblrs who have sims that share my son’s name and all three of them write nsfw things with those sims. Its weird. Is there any way to block these posts without unfollowing the simblrs?

Animal fun fact: Chinchillas can’t get wet. Their fur retains too much water and will start to grow mold. So they bathe by rolling around in dust.

Chinchilla fun fact: Chinchillas have around 20 hairs per follicle; unlike humans who have 2-3 hairs per follicle. Because their fur is so dense, they cannot get fleas or other parasites. The bugs will suffocate in their fur.

Chinchilla fun fact: Petting one of those awesome little guys feels like touching a motherfucking cloud.

My mother is disgusted by chinchillas because in the 70s my grandparents raised them to sell to coat makers. She always had to go into the basement to feed them. 

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But what kind of creepy, sick thought process is it that white people killed the Native Americans and then want to dress up in the clothing of the people they butchered like do you have any idea how unbelievably fucked up that is

Not any less fucked up than cutting off the scalp of neighboring tribes of people and wearing it around.

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